Koshkonong Solar is a $649 million investment that will boost the local economy and create jobs, all while generating clean, homegrown electricity to meet Wisconsin’s energy demands.

A Boost to Southern Wisconsin’s Economy

Koshkonong Solar will help boost the local economy while making the most out of the land.

600 construction jobs and 25 new local long-term jobs

Over $9.6 million in new local earnings during construction

$1.2 million in new local annual tax revenue

Over $150 million in new local earnings and landowner payments

Safe For Us, Safe for the Environment

Solar energy has a positive impact on human health and the environment. Solar energy is quiet, odorless, and does not use water. Solar farms do not present a risk to wildlife. In fact, Koshkonong Solar will reintroduce natural prairie grasses and plant environments, creating a new habitat for insects, birds and other wildlife.

60% reduction in stormwater runoff

48% reduction in nitrogen outflow

53% reduction in phosphorus outflow

87% reduction in total suspended solids outflow

Reappearance of deeply rooted prairie grass which reduces storm water and nutrient runoff

Establishes a new habitat for insects, birds and other wildlife

Clean, Wisconsin-grown Solar Energy

How Solar Energy Works

As pioneers of clean energy solutions, Invenergy helps customers, and the grid, become more sustainable. The proposed 300 megawatt system will produce emission-less, renewable solar energy–enough to power one-fourth of the homes in Dane County while reducing CO2 emissions by 15 to 20 million tons. The project will also feature a 165 megawatt advanced energy storage system which will help ensure a continuous supply of electricity on the grid. The flexibility of energy storage enables utilities to maximize the value of their energy assets to make sure electricity is available when you need it most.

Koshkonong Solar Project Details

Koshkonong Solar Location

  Project Area represents a general study area.

  Project Area includes areas that will not host infrastructure.

  Final Project design may exclude areas identified as Project Footprint and include areas identified as Alternate Project Footprint.

Project Phases

A Proven Track Record in Sustainable Energy Development.

Invenergy is America’s leading, privately held developer and operator of sustainable energy solutions. A U.S.-based company, Invenergy invests $216 million annually in the home communities where its projects are located. Invenergy has successfully developed 180 projects, totaling over 29,000 megawatts, including wind, solar, natural gas power generation and advanced energy storage projects.

In 2020, Invenergy invested a total of $2.6 million in Wisconsin, coming from $1,000,794 in wages, $1,569,124 in land and lease payments and $17,879 in state and local taxes. A total of 1,064 megawatts were developed from eight successful wind, solar and advanced energy storage projects.

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